"Hilariously candid" (Daily Mail)

Mid-life motherhood is one of the hottest topics around and the papers are full of it. The number of babies born to mothers over 40 has doubled in a decade – and one in every five births is to a mum aged 35 plus.

It’s boom time in the world of middle-aged maternity and now “The Secret Diary of A New Mum (Aged 43 ¼)” tells it as it really is.

Following on from the successful “Mid-Life Mum” column in the JC, the book continues the tales of one woman, one baby, a slipped disc and rather too many wrinkles.

How do you cope when you are old enough to be the mother of everyone else in your NCT group? What do you say when people start asking about baby number two? And how do you survive a career break and get back to work before you are pensioned off?

“The Secret Diary Of A New Mum (Aged 43 ¼)” can at last provide the answers as it lifts the lid on what it’s like to face menopause and new motherhood at the same time.

"This honest laugh-out-loud account gives a wonderful insight into the incredible journey to becoming a mum" (The Sun)

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"Brilliantly observed. Reading this book about motherhood is like looking in the mirror, funny, embarrassing and yet cruelly honest. It feels good to laugh about it the stiches are out....." (Fay Ripley)

"Warm, witty and very, very wise - the perfect antidote to all those po-faced pregnancy books. As a fellow 'Geriatric Mother' I found myself constantly laughing and nodding along in agreement." (Imogen Edwards-Jones)

"With warmth, humour and some hilarious anecdotes, Rosen manages to stir up plenty of emotions that all mums can relate to. A thoroughly enjoyable read from start to finish" (Maternity & Infant magazine - Ireland)

"I laughed out loud and cried in buckets and it has been a long time since I enjoyed a book quite as much... This is one seriously witty book! I honestly can't recommend [it] enough. Whether you are a modern middle-aged mum or not, whether you are yet to be pregnant, are now pregnant, or have already had a child - it is just absolutely timeless. And an amazingly entertaining read... I can't praise it enough!" (

"Very funny…astute…insightful…a recommended read!”  (

"A very funny read...some wonderful insights & advice in between the laughs...I loved it!" (Dizzy C's Little Book Blog)

"There were so many times I laughed and snorted out loud... I would recommend this book to every mother, every grandmother, every mother to be and anyone who wants to have a good laugh.... What you waiting for...  Other than the sequel?"  (Susan K Mann)

"Cari writes extremely well...I love this book and would highly recommend it to any mum over the age of 25!" (Book Reviews for Mums)

" I absolutely loved it. I raced through it in 3 days, reading way past my bedtime and desperately trying not to wake up my snoring husband beside me as I snorted with laughter... It's a breath of fresh air and I totally recommend it to all you mummy bloggers out there..." (Madhouse Family Reviews)


"One of the funniest books I've read in a long long time... Absolutely brilliant"

"Best book I have read in years"

"Clever and witty - couldn't stop laughing...I may be younger but still related to so much in this book. I haven't enjoyed a read as much as this in a long time. A must read for all!!"

"It had me crying with laughter in places (last time that happened was when I read the first Bridget Jones book)... A brilliant read and well worth ignoring the family for so you can read it!!!!!!!"